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Preschool Room Leader

Preschool Room Leader

Guinea Lane Nursery | Full-time 

Posted 15 days ago

Salary / hourly rate: £24,130.00- £27,144.00 hourly rate

Setting type: Pre-school

Closing date: Sunday 30th June 2024

Ref no: GL24

We are looking for an Early Years Practitioner who have the passion, enthusiasm, an affinity with young children and professional skills to motivate the children in our care through delivering a play-based curriculum, that supports each child’s learning and development. The successful candidates will help shape & lead the high-quality childcare & education that we provided for the families who attend our nurseries.

To be a key person for a group of children, taking responsibility for all aspects of children’s safety, emotional well-being and learning and development

Building relationships with the child's parents/carers and others who are important in the child's life.

To work with the Senior team and regional SENDCo to continuously improve the quality of childcare and education and to support the development of good practice in regard to the inclusion of children with additional needs and/or disabilities into nursery life.

Adherence to the nurseries child protection policy and procedures to ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Child protection is part of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. Effective child protection is essential. The welfare of every child is paramount. Everyone (this includes all staff, visitors, parents, students and volunteers) has a responsibility to ensure that possible areas of concern involving a child who may be at risk of harm are recognised and dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure that children are kept safe and that you understand and when necessary follow Child Protection Procedures.

Support children to develop a positive attitude to food and healthy lifestyles. This is achieved through adopting a whole nursery approach that encompasses children, their families and staff. Proactively involve children at mealtimes to create a social occasion that provides opportunities to promote children’s social and emotional development as well as encourage good eating habits and hygiene.

When necessary develop and maintain highly professional working relationships with advisory teachers, schools, area Senco’s and other agencies.

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